CONGRHEALTH.COM is a subsidiary of Europa Organisation,
one of the main European actor on the RSM market (Medical Scientific Meetings).

CONGRHEALTH.COM is an internet pole of information,
e-learning and services dedicated to the medical world.

CONGRHEALTH.COM fully integrates the medical and scientific environment
in which the information evolves permanently.
The exchange and share logic, specific to this field, permits us to enrichen our knowledge
in this particular domain with innovations stemming from the investigations
and day-to-day practical experience.

In this context of a « learning community », the sole aim of CONGRHEALTH.COM is
to put a non-specialized portal of presentation and valorisation of scientific contents
from a selection of RSM (congresses, symposia, …) at health professionals’ disposal.

CONGRHEALTH.COM is an information portal dedicated to health professionals
offering varied information. It is a powerfull management tool
with content that will be useful in all specialities.

CONGRHEALTH.COM is proud to invite you to discover its first websites: