Kelly Rowland Shares the Healthy Food She Snacks On All Day

November 25, 2020

Singer-songwriter and former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland revealed her favorite snack today via her Instagram story. So…. What’s keeping Kelly so fabulous at age 38? Freeze-dried raspberries.

Specifically, Rowland calls out Natierra Nature’s All Foods Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries ($6; on her Instagram story.

“Someone just asked me a question about snacking, like, what do I eat in between [workouts]?” Rowland said. Rowland said. She said she likes to eat fruits and vegetables and explained.” I like to eat all day.”

That’s when she named freeze-dried raspberries as her snack of choice.” They’re so good – it’s not a commercial! They’re very good and the whole bag is 150 calories,” says Rowland. They’re very good and the whole bag is only 150 calories,” says Rowland. (FYI: the bag is 1.3 ounces.) She goes on to explain that her snack contains 12 grams of sugar, which isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t bother her because she drinks water.

So, are these freeze-dried raspberries healthy? We asked Health’s Contributing Nutrition Editor for the facts.

Cynthia Sass, RD says, “These are definitely an acceptable snack option.” Nothing is added or taken away except for the liquid, so they’re basically just a crunchy version of organic fresh raspberries,” says Sass.

But what’s the downside? says Sass, “Portion size can be an issue.” Fresh raspberries are filled with water, and when that water is removed, the portion size shrinks.” In other words, regular raspberries are larger than freeze-dried ones, which you should be aware of if you’re going to mindlessly snack on them. But other than that, freeze-dried raspberries are a great energy booster, Sass says.” Freeze-drying should do a good job of preserving nutrient and antioxidant levels, and retaining fiber,” explains Sass.

In short, Kelly Rowland’s go-to snack is good for you and, by Rowland’s own account, quite delicious. Two birds with one stone.