This Air Purifier Helped My Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Disappear

October 4, 2020

I’ve been struggling with severe seasonal allergies for years now, and, somewhat cruelly, they seem to be getting worse as I get older. What started as an occasional sneeze when I went out has morphed into waking up with burning eyes, constant sneezing, massive headaches, and coughing, despite keeping my bedroom clean and the windows closed. It usually only subsides when I take allergy medication, and even then it’s not a panacea.

There is one thing that is foolproof in alleviating my allergies when I’m at home, though. Since I started the Molekule Air Mini + Air Purifier a month ago, I haven’t woken up with allergy symptoms once – something that wouldn’t have been possible before in April and May, considering that’s the peak of allergy season.

I started using the Molekule Air Mini+ in early April, just as my allergies were starting to worsen with spring approaching. The instructions say to set it on a raised surface in any room you want to purify – I used a side table in my bedroom because I noticed my allergies waking up most mornings. From there, it’s super easy to use. You can totally control it on your phone with the appropriate app that you can download for free. There are two main settings to choose from: “Auto Protect”, which monitors the level of allergens in the environment and increases or decreases the speed of the purifier appropriately, or you can choose the manual mode, which you can set to low, medium or high. I tried all of the settings and found that it ran fairly quietly at all settings; at the higher settings you may just hear a low hum similar to a fan or white noise machine running, but I never found that it disturbed my sleep.

Buy. molekule Air Mini+, $499;

This app lets you know in real time the levels of allergens like dust and smoke in the rooms around you. Air quality is indicated by green for good levels, yellow for moderate levels, red for bad levels, or purple for very bad levels. The colors also glow on top of the purifier itself, which is useful if you’re not looking at your app at any given moment. (Interestingly, I’ve noticed that my Molekule glows yellow in the morning, when my allergies are at their worst, and then moves to green later in the day, as the air quality improves).

Since starting to use it, I’ve noticed a noticeable difference, not only in my aforementioned allergies, but also in the overall clarity of the air in the room. It’s easier to take deep breaths, and even with the windows closed, the room never feels stuffy. I can even smell the scented candles on my dresser better, so my entire bedroom now smells like gingerbread (I’m not complaining).The Molekule is designed to work in 250 square feet, which is larger than most bedrooms. What’s more, the mini-model is compact enough that it’s barely noticeable on my side table, and its sleek design doesn’t clash with the aesthetic of my room.

This purifier comes with one of Molekule’s patented PECO filters, which, according to the company, works by capturing dust, pollen, and other allergens and then breaking them down in the filter. You can also monitor the status of the filter on the app so you know exactly when it needs to be replaced with a new one. After a month of use, my app still shows that the filter is in near perfect health.

Available for $500 – or $42 per month for a 12-month payment plan – the Molekule Air Mini+ is definitely a splurge, but for me, waking up every morning without any harsh allergy symptoms makes this handy little appliance well worth the price tag.