This Brand Delivers Fresh Fruits and Veggies to Your Front Door So You Can Skip a Trip to the Grocery Store

April 12, 2020

I’ve been very fortunate to avoid most of the coronavirus-related shortages – disinfectant, paper towels, hand sanitizer – but there is one affected category at my local grocery store: fresh produce. For the first time since I moved to New York City four years ago, the once vibrant containers in my grocery store are noticeably lacking.

As a vegan, I consume a lot of fruits and veggies and wasn’t prepared to be without. At first I placed Shipt deliveries through Target, hoping to fill the void, but suddenly found myself with more and more competition. I thought I was doomed to fail, but then I discovered fresh produce replacement boxes.

Produce boxes – with your choice of fruit, vegetables or both – are shipped directly to your door, including the same quality products used in Raw Generation’s range of deliverable juices, soups and milkshakes. Each shipment varies based on the freshest product selection, but always includes a 25-pound shipment.

I was impressed with the smallest package when the company groomed the box and delivered it to my door. I’m always guilty of the excess that most delivery services use, so I was pleased to find that this contained only a Styrofoam container full of fresh produce. I then immediately dumped the contents on my kitchen floor (clean!) .

My box contained a perfectly ripe cantaloupe, a firm avocado, a fragrant pineapple, an array of red and green apples, and plenty of fresh citrus like limes, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges. I’ve never seen so much fresh fruit in my life – and I’ve been vegan for a year.

Needless to say, this timely arrival caused me to consume more fruit in two weeks than I had ever consumed before. I ate apples for breakfast, oranges for snacks, and salads tossed with fresh lime juice. Even with the help of my roommate, I have enough produce left over to give some to my neighbors and share with friends on social distance walks.

Perhaps the biggest concern with this box is quality – but I’d put it on par with grocery stores like Whole Foods. Plus, it’s the perfect summer companion. The citrus can be used in fresh cocktails, and the produce can be tossed into a delightful fruit salad.

As much as I love the abundance of fruit delivered to me, next time I may opt for a mixed box to make sure I’m getting my daily dose of greens. Either way, I’m excited to easily fill my produce shelf without having to go to the grocery store at 8am. Let’s agree that this activity should be reserved for egg and cheese bagels.