Venus Williams Is Bringing Back a Major 90s Hair Trend

Isolation has made us all hit pause on our regular beauty routines, but salon closures haven’t stopped us from experimenting with our own hairstyles at home. Buzz cuts and pink hair are two trends that are staying at home, and celebrities are getting on board with the at-home hair makeover.

On May 15, Venus Williams became the latest celebrity to give herself a hair makeover while on standby at home. The tennis star’s trademark long, dark brown curly hair was missing from the weekend workout video she posted on Instagram. Williams’ hair is cut in big, wavy waves and has blunt bangs. Her color is blonde for most of the length and darker at the roots, creating a thick, two-tone look in her bangs.

“It’s windy here, so my hair is messed up,” Williams said after greeting her Instagram Live audience.

And her fans are feeling her new look.” Love this hairstyle!!! It’s so sassy!!!” One fan said.” Queen….. This hair is so hot!!!” Another commenter declared that there’s also a fire look.

Whether or not Williams sticks to this ’90s hairstyle, you’re still guaranteed to find a great social distance practice video on her Instagram.